This Autospec GCMS system is a very sensitive and versatile tool for analysing our samples. It combines the separating power of the Agilent 6890 GC with the sensitivity and specificity of mass spectrometric detection. In full scan (FS) mode, we obtain complete mass spectra, which are essentially ‘fingerprints’ of each compound detected. The instrument can also be operated in selected ion monitoring (SIM) mode, which is more sensitive and detects classes of compounds by virtue of specific and characteristic mass spectral fragments. We use Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) to target specific compounds using precursor product reactions that occur in the mass spectrometer. This method gives very high signal-to-noise ratios because the compounds that we are not interested are made invisible. This spectrometer also has very high mass resolution, which enables us to measure the elemental compositions of individual molecules which, in turn, helps us identify molecules that are new to science.

Samples can also be analyzed by means of a CDS 5250T Pyroprobe, in which liquid or solid samples (including whole rocks or microfossils) are decomposed at elevated in the absence of oxygen and then analyzed by GC-MS. You can find out much more about the capabilities and operation of the pyroprobe on this page.

autospec moving

Some details
  • Micromass Autospec Q
  • Mass range > 2000 Daltons
  • High sensitivity for EI/CI (Electron Impact/Chemical Ionization) GC-MS
  • High resolution gives elemental compositions
  • MS-MS capability gives high signal-to-noise ratios
  • Attached Pyroprobe with autosampler carousel