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We continuously share ideas and resources with groups worldwide, including:

Links that we have found particularly useful

  • Cyberlipid Center – a nice, frequently updated resource for lipids, with lots of information about lipids and lipid analysis
  • i-mass.com, international mass spectrometry web source: lots of information, structures and links to other mass spectrometry resources
  • The Tree of Life Web Project: a rather amazing collection of information about the diversity of organisms on earth. detailed pages, peer-reviewed, for many, many groups of organisms
  • GenBank: genome sequence database maintained by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information, part of NIH)
  • NCBI Genome: complete genome database
  • Hawaii Ocean Time Series: an astounding collection of biological and oceanographic data collected monthly since 1988 in the Pacific Ocean
  • NIST Chemistry Webbook, which has an excellent database of molecules with structures, mass spectra, searchable by formula, molecular weight and more
  • Resource page for the American Society of Mass Spectrometry with links to many other good resources
  • www.oiltracers.com databases:
    1. A database of petroleum geochemistry literature
    2. A database of oil samples that lists tens of thousands of oil, gas and rock samples present in the sample collections of 6 laboratories, and
    3. An online dictionary of petroleum geochemistry terms. There are also descriptions of the applications of geochemistry to a variety of problems in oil exploration and production
  • www.gaschem.com: descriptions of the applications of gas compositions and gas isotopes to many types of petroleum and natural gas exploration and production problems

 Publication lists on various subjects

A neat history of Australian organic geochemistry (.pdf file)