Postdoctoral Researcher and Laboratory Manager


Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
E25-618, 45 Carleton Street
Cambridge, MA 02142


2021-present – Postdoc & Lab Manager, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
2020-2021 – Postdoc, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
2015-2020 – Ph.D., Geology, Peking University, China
2018-2019 –Visiting Ph.D., Geobiology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
2011-2015 – B.Sc., Geology, China University of Geosciences, Beijing, China


Jian has broad research interests in the interpretation of sedimentary records in both modern and historical Earth’s archives by joint pathways of sedimentology, organic geochemistry, and inorganic geochemistry. As a previous visiting Ph.D. student and the current postdoc, Jian digs deep into the structures and functions of lipid biomarkers and, in particular, molecular sulfurization. After numerous failures, his successful establishment of the Raney-Nickel device and the methodologies of non-contaminated desulfurization makes the exploration of sulfur-sequestered biomarkers in manifold geological samples possible. Benefiting from it, Jian is now working on multifarious scientific topics, including the mechanisms of PZE in modern open oceans and lakes, geological ecosystem overhauls in response to marine ingressions, and the reverberation of natural sulfurization on the organic preservation and resistance to the biodegradation. Meanwhile, Jian has intense interests and has gone out of his way to the complex organic – inorganic interplays of the precipitation of terrestrial carbonates and, exceptionally, the Schwabe cycle preserved in aragonite varved successions throughout the Cenozoic in the Qaidam Basin, which seems to be the proof of the long-lasting solar-driven force on lacustrine sedimentation.

Select Publications

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