Archiving Experiences in Science

Posted on Jan 2, 2019

by Fatima Husain

In December, Summons Lab members Ainara Sistiaga and Fatima Husain conducted invited talks and activities for the semesterly Science and Us high school student workshop held at MIT, which brings approximately fifty students from around Massachusetts to campus for science enrichment activities.

Student artwork produced at the workshop.

Sistiaga and Husain both shared their experiences in science, and discussed the importance of preserving impressions and memories in science in an effort to support diversity and inclusion efforts across STEAM fields. Sistiaga and Husain discussed with the students how social media tools such as Twitter could be used to archive impressions in science, and created a brand-new Twitter account that serves solely to archive student-produced STEAM artwork. The account, @ArchiveScience, contains pictures of all the STEAM artwork produced by the workshop participants.

The Twitter account created from the workshop.